Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Thanks. I'll give this a try. I should have done that the first time, but it never entered my thoughts. I just figured "bigger pot, roots will spread OK".


Reply to Weedgrower: Repotting Rosemary

Repotting is good.

But if the roots were compacted and overcrowded in the 6 inch pot to start with, you want to loosen the roots before you repot. I would take the plant out of its new pot, shake out the root ball, loosen the roots, you can cut out dead or old roots and repot in your fresh soil - soil that is not overly rich- soil containing some sand, vermiculite, or perlite is good. Water, though do not overwater. Keep in full sun for a while.

Good luck.


Rosemary Problem, from "Weedgrower"

I bought an upright Rosemary plant 3 weeks ago. It was probably 14 inches tall and crowded in the 6 inch pot. I repotted it in a 12 inch pot with OSH potting soil. Now some of the sprigs are turning gray and brown and drying out. What to do? Thanks for help