Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This blog is being launched to take your gardening and horticultural questions. This, and my companion blog, A-Gitate, or A Garden Is The Answer To Everything, aim to engage the community at large in the idea that the garden - the earth cultivated with thought and beauty - will and can, in these fraught times, sustain and provide us with much.

So I invite one and all to send in your gardening questions in the comments section below. But remember: Gardening is not just about gardens, because the garden yields more earth (compost,) more plants, food, flowers, bugs and critters, and so much more. In the activity of gardening, we can hope to live a sustainable lifestyle. We cannot all be farmers, but we can garden, even if it's in a tin can sitting on a basement window sill. So questions about practically everything - cooking, eating, reading, writing, living - will be entertained, I don't promise that I can answer all questions, but every attempt will be made to answer and give advice to sincere and valid inquiries. (They will be moderated, of course.)

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Sis Hurster said...

Dear Sally,

I've always enjoyed growing flowering plants, but lately I've started feeling a strong urge to add vegetables to my garden. Since it's now mid-September, I know that it's too late for this season, but I've been dreaming of harvesting zucchinis and melons and tomatoes and carrots and suchlike next year. Can you give me any general hints on starting a vegetable garden? Your help would really be appreciated!